Building Brighter Tomorrows For Shasta County’s Youth

Pathways to Hope for Children, a non-profit organization in Shasta County, encompasses a broad spectrum of initiatives focused on community outreach, youth development, family support, and child abuse prevention education and awareness. Functioning as Shasta County’s Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council, we are committed to creating a supportive and safe environment for children and families in our community.


Pathways to Hope for Children focuses on coordinating child abuse prevention efforts in Shasta County through public and private collaboration, enhancing community and family support opportunities, and providing education and professional development on child abuse and neglect prevention. The organization offers meaningful youth engagement opportunities, including teen centers, Camp HOPE – Pathways, and life skills programs. It advocates for improved and expanded services in child abuse prevention and treatment and collaborates with other Child Abuse Prevention Councils at local, regional, state, and national levels to achieve common goals.

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The necessity of prevention in Shasta County cannot be overstated, as child abuse is a grave issue with lasting, detrimental effects on its victims. Beyond the immediate harm, the social and economic repercussions of child abuse and neglect are profound and complex. In Shasta County, the child abuse rates are alarmingly three times higher than the state average. The tangible costs include hospital expenses for treating injuries from physical abuse and foster care costs due to children’s removal from unsafe homes. However, the less visible costs are equally impactful, manifesting in reduced academic success, increased adult criminality, and enduring mental and physical health challenges. These direct and indirect consequences collectively burden our society and economy, underscoring the critical importance of proactive and effective prevention strategies.


You can make a meaningful difference in combating child abuse and neglect by:

– Educating yourself on the facts and statistics surrounding child abuse and neglect.
– Supporting local events and activities that raise awareness in the community.
– Providing practical support, such as child care, to friends, neighbors, or relatives, giving parents essential rest or time together.
– Volunteering at events and Teen Centers run by Pathways to Hope for Children.
– Donating essential items like diapers, children’s clothing, and personal hygiene products to Pathways to Hope for Children’s Family Resource Center.

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