Mandated Child Abuse Reporter Training

Learn how to protect our children, and keep them safe.

This training is designed to assist the general public, educators, health practitioners, law enforcement officers, child-care providers, volunteers, social workers, religious and youth group workers, and all individuals who are mandated to report as part of their job, in understanding their respective duties and responsibilities under the California state law.

Unfortunately, Child Abuse is on the rise in Shasta County, in 2019 there were 3,514 reports of child abuse or neglect made. 753 of those reports were substantiated (“proved to be true”) and resulted in the removal of 304 children from their homes and placed in other locations (foster care, kinship care, etc).

Mandated Reporters are required by law to act when they suspect child abuse and/or neglect. This training provides a comprehensive overview including:

  • What, When, and Where to Report
  • The Four Types of Child Abuse
  • Mandated Reporter’s Legal Responsibilities and Protections
  • Confidentiality of Reporting Party
  • How to Generate an Accurate Report
  • What Happens with a Report Once it is Made 
  • Current Updates to the Law

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