Road to Resilience



Pathways to Hope for Children is now in its 4th year of operating the Road 2 Resilience program through a grant awarded by the Office of Child Abuse Prevention. Seven Parent Partner Navigators are working with Shasta County mothers and families. The goal of this project is to increase positive outcomes for children, decrease the incidences of child abuse and neglect and increase families Protective Factors (social connections, resiliency, concrete support, knowledge of parenting, and social/emotional competence of children) while decreasing Adverse Childhood Experiences.

The target population to be served are high-risk pregnant women with current and/or history of substance abuse and/or families of substance-exposed infants, up to twelve months post-partum.

We have amazing community partners such as First 5 Shasta, Shasta Community Health Center, HHSA, Mercy Medical Center, Empire Recovery Center, and many more.  We are always looking for local health facilities, organizations and agencies that serve this target population to refer their clients, as well as join the collaborative of agencies dedicated to this project.


All services provided are free, confidential, voluntary and include:

  • Individualized in-home, trauma-informed Case Management utilizing the Strengthening Families Framework from pregnancy-six months.
  • Parenting Education, including Triple P and SafeCare:
    • Triple P Positive Parenting Program® is an Evidenced-Based service model for parenting and support determined to be effective in preventing behavioral, emotional, and developmental problems in children by enhancing the knowledge, skills, and confidence.
    • Safe Care® is an Evidenced-Based service model determined to be effective with families involved in child welfare that provides direct skill training to parents in child behavior management, planned activities, home safety, and child health management skills to prevent and intervene with a child.
  • Community-based Resources and referrals.
  • Access to the Children’s Hope Alliance’s supply and diaper closet and use of office equipment to assist in accessing resources (computer, faxing, and phones).
  • Transportation

Please contact us for more information about this project and how you or your agency or organization can get involved!